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Welcome to KAT-TUN Icontest, originally created by akasora.
Anyone can enter and submit icons as long that you joined the community.
You don't have to submit every week if you dont want to :D

The schedule goes like this:
On Monday we will be posting a new theme;
The next Sunday, we will post the voting up;
On Friday, we post the winners.
Banners can be posted within the week.


[♥] You must be a member to participate
[♥] Anyone in KAT-TUN must be in your icon
[♥] When in a picture challenge, only use the ones provided (Unless otherwise stated)
[♥] If there's a lyrical challenge, must have at least 3 consecutive words.
[♥] Icons must be Lj compatible - 100x100 pixels and 40KB max.
[♥] You may submit up to Four Icons.
[♥] Do not enter an icon not made by you or entered in other icontest
[♥] The icon must be new and not shown until voting is done
[♥] If there's an icon you like, when we'll post the winners, just ask :]

S U B M I T T I N G & V O T I N G

When you'll be submitting an icon, all comments are screened, please post in this format:

URL; http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/2980/awardsoz3.png

[♥] Host your icons on Photobucket, Tinypic, Imageshack.. etc. Just don't delete them until the winners are posted and banners are made!

And when it comes to voting;
Voting will be posted Friday nights and will end on Sunday, if there are enough votes.

When voting, you have to vote for 3 icons and one for a special category. It's usually 3 unless if there is a lack of entries. All 4 icons must be different in your choice.

We'll be calculating the votes like this: 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets 1.

[♥] Do not vote for yourself.



To be updated...

Banner Makers
marlenem; strawberrt;twoeyesonesoul; eddictedd; grayrace

Week 039 - strawberrt
Week 040 - twoeyesonesoul
Week 041 - grayrace
Week 042 - preciouskizuna
Week 043 - eddictedd
Week 044 - marlenem
Week 045 - strawberrt
Week 046 - twoeyesonesoul
Week 047 - grayrace
Week 048 - preciouskizuna

We're currently looking for some banner makers. Would like to become one?
Please post here


→Week 001 ; Kamenashi Kazuya
→Week 002 ; Akanishi Jin
→Week 003 ; Taguchi Junnosuke
→Week 004 (No Winners Yet/ Lack Of Voting)
→Week 005 ; Ueda Tatsuya
→Week 006 ; Nakamaru Yuichi
→Week 007 ; Cartoon KAT-TUN scans/lyrics
→Week 008 ; Red
→Week 009 ; Food
→Week 010 ; Hearts
→Week 011 ; Humor
→Week 012 ; Dorama
→Week 013 ; Couples
→Week 014 ; Black&White
→Week 015 ; Duet 07/08
→Week 016 ; Smile
→Week 017 ; Attractive
→Week 018 ; Childish
→Week 019 ; Blue
→Week 020 ; Live
→Week 021 ; Vacation
→Week 022 ; Yukan Club
→Week 023 ; Smile
→Week 024 ; Free Choice
→Week 025 ; Dream Boys
→Week 027 ; Keep the Faith
→Week 029 ; Tanaka Koki (re-do challenge)
→Week 030 ; LIPS
→Week 033 ; 1 Pound Gospel


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Please post in here
if you would like to affiliate with us!
(Hachi is an affie freak, so I might have already asked you XD)


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Image Scan Credited to vitkay
Layout Credited to refuted
Userinfo Header was made by eddictedd (the winner banner of the Special Contest)
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